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Add Value to Your Residence in Beverly Hills, California, By Properly Installing Marble Floor Design

Marble floor design is a premier decorative element in most high end homes. Adding this floor design in your custom built home brings beauty and a pleasing change that enhances your home’s elegance. The elegant feeling brought into your space by the floor design comes from the marble’s smooth, flat and highly polished surface. Marble floor design can be used to enhance both the interior and exterior of your home. Any room in your Beverly Hills home can benefit from marble floor design.


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It takes real skill and experience to properly install the floor design. Lack of skill and experience in the installation will be evident in surface variations, which detracts the eye from the floor design’s beauty. Precautions must be taken well before the installation work begins. First and foremost when you receive your shipment from your supplier inspect the package.

Look out for two main things in the package: cracks and flatness. Cracks on the floor design can occur during shipping. Cracks also come about as a result of the material itself and during installation but just make sure that not a single piece is cracked before installation. In checking for flatness you will check to see that all edges on the marble are even. If any of the edges are bigger or higher they will make the floor look irregular.

The floor design is a thin, flat piece that is made of pure marble with its edges cut square and sharp. This natural stone is inherently durable but somewhat brittle, making it susceptible to cracks. For this reason you must take special measures when installing it. It is important that the floor design is installed over a perfectly level and smooth surface.

There is an industry standard for the surface of the substrate – a variance of no more than 1/4 inches over 10 feet length. Any variance that is bigger than this will leave the floor design unevenly supported causing cracks when you step on the floor after completing the installation. The finished surface for the installation must be flat and smooth.

Preparing the surface of the floor will take you some time but once its done perfectly installation will be easier. When installing the floor design you will use a thin-set cement. Take note of the joint width between the marbles, ideally it should be between 1/16” and 3/32”. The lippage between the marbles needs to be less than 1/32”. Any installation that exceeds these tolerances would not be suitable for your home.

Repairing the marble floor design can be prohibitively expensive and labor intensive. If many of the marbles on the floor design are damaged for any reason, tearing an area and making a new installation is the easiest way to get over the problem. You can get more information about floor design from various sites including the likes of Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

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