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Dazzling Italian Marble Floor

Decorating your custom built home is an art that you get to perfect with time. But what happens if you don’t actually have the time in your hands to attain perfection? Does this mean that your luxury home would be left in some kind of neglect? Leave alone that, what happens at the very onset? Will you be forced to live in a house that looks nothing like you and wait till when you attain perfect?, assuming that you have the time.


Forget about it! Though an art, you shouldn’t waste time living in a dizzying and messy house. The multiplicity of home décor should not in any way make you live the kind of life that you have never wished for. Live your dream life in your custom built home with  Italian Marble Floor. You invested in your dream home to lead the kind of life that you have always wished for. Don’t let anything take that away from you.

You can add some visual interest and a pinch of vintage charm into your custom built home in New York through the installation of the Dazzling Italian marble floor. This is no ordinary marble floor. Neither is it anything that is close to the ordinary Italian marble floor designs and mosaics that you may have seen before in some house. This is a product that is fit for royalty. If you have been to one of the royal palaces in Spain, then you know what I am talking about.

This Italian marble floor mosaic is wholly hand crafted – a distinctive feature which adds some pizzazz. The stunning hexagonal patterns on the floor mosaic are in creamy white and black. The patterns are beautifully contrasted. They help to create a feeling of more space. The addition of dark emperador – the deep brown color on the flared outer borders adds some warmth into your home. This floor mosaic is just great. It will work so well in the living room or sitting room.

This is a one of a kind natural stone product that is bound to awe your guests. The stone is known to last for generations when used indoors. Additionally if you would prefer to have some personalized finishes on the mosaic that can be arranged. Also if you would prefer to have this mosaic outdoors, we can make it work for you. The floor mosaic is available in a range of sizes. For more information about the Dazzling Italian marble floor mosaic, feel free to call us on 1-888-272-0630.

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