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Enhance Your Mansions Foyer With a Marble Medallion in Summit, New Jersey

Incase you intend to sell your house in New Jersey, Bel air or Long island; you will definitely want it to sell it at the highest possible price. One way of enhancing the appearance of the floor is by using the Italian medallions. No buyer would be interested in a house whose floor is an eyesore. It is important to note that any interested buyer would go for a house that has a floor that is well designed. Therefore if you install round marble foyer in your living room, it is possible to attract buyers who will be willing to pay a higher price. This is the reason as top why most of the investors in the real estate industry prefer using the marble borders.

Marble floor design offers an elegant and lavish flooring option for your house. It has a rich history as it was the preferred flooring option for king and queen’s palaces. This has made it the preferred material for architects, artists and designers. The marble floor tiles are usually found in the mountains of different countries and are available in different sizes, colors and finishes.

Even though marble is a sophisticated and elegant flooring option, it requires a lot of care as well as maintenance. There is a need for the treatment of the round marble medallion to offer it protection against moisture and spills. On top of this, it can be susceptible to some damages and stains. In order to protect the new marble medallions, it is necessary to use a surface finishing as well as a below surface treatment. This helps to clog the material’s pores while creating a layer that is invisible.

Inn order to maintain the marble floor installations, there will be a continuous need for a reapplication of a surface sealing treatment after a period of between six and twelve months

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