Marvelous Marble Design
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Luxury Cream Marfil marble floor

Marble floor design can define your house where ever you are. You can be in Beverly Hills, Chicago or Dallas the style of marble floor will be the same and it will add a shinny and luxuries design to your home.

Water Jet cut Marble Medallion in Cream Marfil floor

Water Jet cut Marble Medallion in Cream Marfil floor

The addition of marble flooring will add a tremendous feel and look to all houses. Luxury custom built houses in Florida and on Long Island have been sold at higher bid because of its unique marble or onyx flooring design than the houses without this kind of water jet work on marble flooring.

The word “marble” comes from the Greek (marmaron) and that from (marmaros), “crystalline rock”, “shining stone.

You decide the design, size and the type of marble flooring you would use. For a French built house an excellent idea is to use the French limestone and for your Spanish style houses in Santa Monica, California you can use luxury cream marfil marble directly sent to your house from Spain. Cream marfil is a Spanish marble used in many Spanish style houses in Santa Monica, Santa Barbara and all over the Southern part of California.

You can use inlaid marble design to create a center of attention. To have a inlaid design is great idea for entry area (foyer) of your house. The inlaid can come in many design, it all depends on how you would like to place the marble inlaid.Having an inlaid will add a totally different look to your houses.

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