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Round and Oval Marble Medallion in round foyer

Luxury marble floor design in your foyer can change the any estate house more attractive to anybody step in.Cutting the oval marble medallion in different color texture and adding the pieces together, make the unique marble pattern inlaid which bring the character to your living room marble floor.

oval marble medallion

old style custom water jet cut medallion

¾” thickness cream marfil marble slab is the best choose for background of marble medallion.

Emprador drak or emprador light can be use for border around the medallion. Having the diamond shape black marble on the corner will be very eye-catching simple marble floor design for any hall way.

6ft royal inlaid in one piece in the middle of 20ft round foyer is something you can see just in supper luxury custom built house in California.

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Luxury Marble Floor Design Idea

Marble floor design is most important part of home design and having the plain marble floor without any character can be wrong approach.

Cutting the cream marfil marble, emperador light marble emperador darkmarble and Inca gold with water jet machine and making the 6ft round marble medallion which can be focal point of the any elegant foyer is a technique the designer use to catch the buyer’s eyes.

Luxury marble floor design

6” thick Marble border in ¾” thickness which can be installed with large slab pieces can decorate the marble or granite floor.

Adding the nice 4” marble inlaid on the corner of each tile will change your marble floor design.

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Nero Marquina Black Marble in Floor Design Style

This famous and Stunning Spanish black marble from Vizcaya region of Spain makes a great looking marble floor design but is also famous as a black and white checkerboard with using bianco carrera marble as the white marble.marvelous design can be created with mixing nero marquina marble and inca gold limestone as border and medallion.

black marble water jet cut floor medallion

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