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Chiaro Tumbled marble Floor Design for Your Custom Built High-end Home


You are on top gear trying to get your high end custom built home completed, right? You must be feeling really proud of yourself, right? Then an amazing high end home is exactly what you need to enjoy your success! Elegant touches and luxurious amenities are the only things that you need to include in your home to please yourself.

marble floor design

A great floor design is just one of those things which will reflect your success and help you enjoy it. The floor is open to public scrutiny. This is one of the places that all and sundry get o see. Many a times people who are a little nervous will spend more time staring at the floor. Their eyes will pick all the finer details on the floor. However, the stare is not just for the nervous, people who appreciate beautiful works of art stare a lot! If not, how would they pick out the details and the fine lines?

Chiaro Tumbled floor design is a unique and certainly rare kind of floor design that is fit for your custom built home. The marble floor design is sculptured from Bianco Calacatta marble; one of the finest marbles in the world. The stone comes at a premium! It exclusively features in high end homes. It is a preserve of the wealthy. People with the money to spend not people who are just considered to be rich. I trust you know the difference between the two. If you don’t, just Google and you will get an appropriate answer.

The Chiaro Tumbled marble floor design is beautiful and magnificently designed to introduce a new architectural style into your home. The Chiaro introduces a fantastic French Chateau styling which is soothing and pleasant to the eye. Do you love moderate color variations? Chiaro offers this and much more. Its rich browns and soft yellow hues in a white background look stunning.

The chiseled edges of the floor design create a more rustic visual appeal. For a hawk eyed individual the subtle cracked earth look hidden behind the elegant hues of the stone and its veining become noticeable.

The Chiaro Tumbled floor design delivers a magical atmosphere and an ambience that is fit for a royal party! This natural stone floor design comes in various sizes. It can also be offered to you in a polished finish to deliver more shine into your luxurious space. For more information about the Chiaro Tumbled floor design call on Marvelous Marble Design Inc.



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