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Custom Entry Marble Medallion

You want a custom entry medallion for your luxury home in New York City. Well, the most important thing you need to note is that the designs and motifs are innumerable. Depending on where you want your “signature” to appear your choice cannot be disputed. For instance, if you own a hotel you may want a number of custom mosaics or medallions placed in the entire lobby while on the other hand; a church may opt to have it somewhere in the locker room.

Anyway whatever the case may be, Custom entry with Bernini Medallion provides you with endless options. This floor design offers convenience. Needless to say, the skilful use of pure Italian marble gives the floor design a magnificent, luxurious look. Nothing compares to what you can achieve in your custom built home with this floor medallion. The beautiful floor medallion creates a lively ambiance something that no other floor design can achieve.

Now that we have your attention, focus on the floor design. If you want a luxurious floor, one that is exquisitely designed then look no further. The Custom Entry delivers exactly that and much more. Call it amazing, call it god sent, the piece is just perfect for your lavish bungalow in the heart of New York City.

Whether in Manhattan or Chicago the Entry Marble Medallion will grace your home. The floor medallion heightens expectation in the entry way. A quick glance at the floor design and your guest’s mind quickly starts imagining what other surprises are to be expected inside. This stonework is intriguing, literally.

The natural color and sheds of the Italian Entry Marble Medallion delivers a complimentary appeal to all the décor that existing both outside and inside your beautiful home. As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, or is it beer-holder? Take hold of this medallion. Install this custom entry into your home’s entryway to create a haven where tranquility exists.

The Italian marble from which the floor design is hand carved is unique in many way. The unique characteristics and properties of the stone work together to bring out the best in the stone.  The stone is durable, meaning that you won’t be replacing the floor design any time soon. It may last you a lifetime if you take proper care of it.

Although the stone is tough to withstand every day use it is soft and gentle to your feet. If you love walking about bear feet nothing will stop you. If anything this floor design only goes along to enhance the texture of the surface that you walk on.

This architectural artwork will deliver an aura of excellence in your space. The truth is that guests to your luxurious home will have stories to tell their friends. Much will be said about the beauty that fills your home. Similarly much will be said about the cost of your custom built home. Definitely, among your peers you will be revered for your sense of style and taste.

Need to know more about the custom entry floor medallion? Visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

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