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Tasteful Marble Flooring in Portofino Medallion

“What’s in a floor?” “Why spend a fortune making decorations on a floor?” These are the questions an average home owner tends to ask. The answer is quite simple; your floor is everything. This simple answer is however loaded with meaning. Ask yourself this; what is the first thing that guests to your residence see? What is the first impression you give to your friends when they come calling?

Do you portray a picture of somebody who is careless or somebody who is meticulous and in control of his destiny? Well, with careful mixture of Portofino Medallion, you will have passed the first test that every guest will silently put you through the very first time they come to your house.


The marble flooring design is crafted out of pure French marble. A marble popularly referred to as Cannes Marble or simply as ‘Griotte’. The marble features freckles of purple but is mostly cherry red in color. A brilliant color that is warm and certainly welcoming. This stone is mainly mined in the limestone quarries of Southern France in the Pyrenees. The marble’s deep cherry red color will confuse some of your guests into believing that you floor design is actually made of rare gemstones. The stone does not come cheaply.

Picture the Portofino Medallion on your floor with the unique appeal of the marble to match and you clearly have a winner. The beautifully artwork that is the Portofino Medallion is fit for installation in any high end custom built home.

The medallion in itself is delivers a hint of the history city of Florence. Florence is a renowned city where Italian aristocrats called home many years ago. With the floor design you will have added apart of history into your luxurious home. Friends and foes alike will be envious of your home.

A mix of colors is offered by this floor design. The colors are beautiful for a lack of a better word to describe them. Every bit of color seems to fall perfectly in place to complete the natural deep cherry red color of the stone. Your dream home will come to life with the floor design in place.

Because the medallion does not come cheap, allow an expert to install it otherwise you could end up wasting everything that you put your money into. Your home will soon be among the high end homes that are adored in Bel Air, and in Miami. In these places custom homes are known to feature magnificent decorative elements.

You have your luxurious villa fitted with Portofino medallion to make it one of those unique homes in your neighborhood. The floor design will fit perfectly anywhere in your custom built home.  You can have it in the entryway, living room, bedroom or study. If your home features a ballroom, the medallion would fit here very well and the result – a lovely ballroom! That is filled with color.

After all, you will only have the décor done once. Let your money work for you. Life is too short to worry about budgets; it will be more worthwhile living if you can make the best out of it. Make your dream home a luxury resort of sorts with this floor design. For more information about the Portofino Medallion, visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc


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