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How to Choose Luxury Marble Medallions in Toronto

Marble medallions as well as as marble border are a perfect choice for flooring since they give your house a luxurious look.  It is possible to scale to a certain size any floor medallions.  The standard thickness of the medallion is 3/8 even though it can be available in other different thickness like ¾. The stones do not contain any grout lines. They are sealed and polished.

luxury marble medallions

The luxury marble medallion can be installed in the walls or floors. They also work well as tabletops and back splashes in the kitchens.  However, it is necessary to differentiate between mosaics, water jet cut marble medallion and tile medallions. The water jet cut marble medallions are usually made from stone slabs that are cut with a water-jet. With the invention of water-jet equipment that is computerized.

The slate pattern and slate mosaic comes in various inlay styles, patterns and colors. With Mosaic slate, they are suitable for use in installing and renovating walls. Whether outdoor or indoor, they appear fine. Mosaic and also pattern are usually made of quartzite, natural slate, sandstone and marble. The mosaic slates can appear in different shapes such as square, round or rectangle. It is possible to have any mosaic layout and design fulfilled by the professionals in the field. A custom designed marble medallion can be made to suit your specific need.

Marble medallion as well as mosaic is a perfect choice for any interior wall and floor. Choose those which are of the highest quality and also unique in order for every marble to offer some beautiful color array as well as veining patterns. Some of the stones that you can choose from include sandstone, marble, travertine and limestone. Because of their beauty, the marble medallions are popular in different cities such as Dallas, Toronto and Chicago.

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